Accelerbiotics® was founded April 2019 as spinout from Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). We are located in Copenhagen area.

We at Accelerbiotics® provide affordable high-throughput sustainable solutions for the huge bottlenecks that synthetic biology, biotech and biopharma industries are suffering from. Our solutions accelerate performance and development in biotechnology and life science field.


At Accelerbiotics® we have addressed the huge bottlenecks of low-throughput, the high cost and sustainability issues associated with applications of electrophoresis, purification and electrotransfection/electroporation in the biotechnology field.

The constant search for new biopharmaceutical drugs against rising incidence of cancer and genetic disorders, infectious diseases and pandemics; growing awareness about the benefits of cell culture-based vaccines; recent advances in personalized medicine; growth in funding for research on genomic, proteomic, metabolomics; growing number of industry-academia research collaborations on biosustainability; growing number of biotech sustainable microbial cell factories; and growth in the number of clinical, forensic, and research laboratories are all the major factors driving the markets growth of electrophoresis, purification, electrotransfection and 

cell culture & biopharmaceutical fermentation.

Market Size:

Accelerbiotics technologies are targeting huge market size as shown below: 

  • Electrophoresis: 2.15 billion USD in 2017, forecasted to 2.80 billion USD by 2022
  • Nucleic acid purification: 2.56 billion USD in 2017, forecasted to 4.38 billion USD by 2023
  • Protein purification: 5.6 billion USD in 2017, forecasted to 10.3 billion USD by 2025
  • Electroporation: 0.71 billion USD in 2016, forecasted to 1.02 billion USD by 2021
  • Metabolomics: 1,7 billion USD in 2018, forecasted to 3,6 billion USD by 2024
  • Cell culture & biopharmaceutical fermentation: 19.0 billion USD in 2020, forecasted to 33.1 billion USD by 2025



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