Accelerbiotics® develops affordable high-throughput sustainable solutions for biotechnology and life science field:
Our technologies addresse the huge bottlenecks of low throughput and the high cost associated with several essential applications.
Accelerbiotics® is pioneer in providing low-cost high-throughput solutions that accelerate performance and development in areas of biotech academia research, biotech industry and life science.

June/2020: Accelerbiotics® receives the Innobooster Additional Grant During COVID-19 from Innovations Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden): We are so grateful to Innovations Fund Denmark for giving us this additional grant. With this additional support, we will streamline our MVPs products for extraction and analysis of nucleic acid (RNA) from coronavirus and other future pandemics, and subsequently bring our products to CE marking. This below video illustrates our workflow for accurate COVID-19 diagnosis and other future pandemics:

April/2020: Accelerbiotics® provides affordable high-throughput solutions that can significantly accelerate diagnosis of COVID-19 and other future pandemics:

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is spreading exponentially across the world, while there is shortage and lack of of equipment, kits and high-throughput fast solutions for accurate diagnosis of COVID-19. Hereby, Accelerbiotics provides affordable high-throughput solutions for screening and analysis for samples of coronavirus (COVID-19). Accelerbiotics is currently open for collaborations and partnerships, investments and funding, support from both governmental and private sector in order to kick off professional manufacturing on production level for devices that can accelerate significantly diagnosis of COVID-19. Please, see below more information about this:


Accelerbiotics®, new start-up from DTU, is currently open for collaborations and partnerships, investments and funding, support from both governmental and private sector in order to kick off professional manufacturing for devices that can accelerate significantly diagnosis of COVID19 and other future pandemics. We have affordable smart solutions to ram-up COVID-19 coronavirus testing, but we lack money, resources and capacity to bring these solutions to the workbench of the end-users and clinicians. Please share this with other people and organization that might be interested. Many thanks in advance.


Currently, hospitals, clinics and laboratories have serious problems due to the shortage of available kits and equipment for performing tests for people infected with the coronavirus. Moreover, Nowadays scientific and clinical staff suffer from the huge bottlenecks of low-throughput and the high cost of the existing techniques for purification and analysis of COVID-19 samples. Clinical staff have massive difficulties to cope with the rapid paste coronavirus is spreading. Therefore, there is strong need for fast and accurate analytical tools.

Testing will always be extremely important and absolutely necessary: Testing allows infected people to know that they are infected. This helps them receive the care they need; and it can help them take measures to reduce the probability of infecting others. Even if we get 100% efficient cure for the virus, we still always need to make fast accurate diagnosis, so infected persons get the correct treatment.


  • Kits for RNA Extraction from Patients Samples: The worldwide shortage of RNA extraction kits is seriously hampering efforts to ramp-up COVID-19 coronavirus testing. The extraction kits are one-time use, expensive and time-consuming.
  • Conventional PCR after RNA Extraction: Standard reverse transcription PCR is well known for being the golden standard method for detecting coronavirus with high sensitivity, but the analysis of PCR products with existing techniques remains a major bottleneck with low throughput, slow performance, high cost and high demand of manpower. These techniques include manual gel electrophoresis, E-gels and capillary electrophoresis.
  • Real-time PCR (qPCR) after RNA Extraction: This technique is useful, but has limitations of the very high cost and high complexity. Absence of size determination of the real size of the PCR product. Increased risk of false positive results in the case of non-specific fluorescent dyes that intercalate with any double-stranded DNA such as from PCR by-products and primer dimers. Even when using sequence-specific DNA probes with fluorescent reporter, there is increased risk of negative false results due to the ongoing mutations taking place in the genetic sequence of the virus.
  • Quick Kits Based on Detection of Antibodies: High cost per analyzed sample to meet massive testing capacity. And even the quickest tests, that are advertised for taking only 5-15 minutes per analyzed sample, will technically take at least 83-250 hours in order to screen just 1000 samples (persons). Besides that, these kits are not highly accurate as PCR tests and can introduce high false negative rate especially in the early stage of infection. That is why, even some of the producers of these kits recommend extra PCR tests for final confirmation. Usually, it takes 7-10 days before the infected body develops antibodies, that can be detected by those kits. During these 7-10 days, infected individuals are spreading rapidly coronavirus to new persons.



    Affordable High-throughput Electrophoresis:  

    • Electrophoresis of DNA from PCR products: in the light of the strong need for rapid and accurate analytical tools for the diagnosis of COVID19, Acclerbiotics provides here affordable rapid high-throughput solution for analyzing coronavirus samples based on the sensitive accurate golden standard of  conventional PCR. While all laboratories dealing with PCR, are always well-equipped with many standard PCR machine (these machines can run up to 96-384 samples/run), Accelerbiotics provides now  solutions for massive high-throughput affordable analysis of DNA from standard PCR products. So, with this solution, the analysis of DNA from conventional PCR products is no longer a bottleneck. This platform has excellent capacity for analyzing Coronavirus samples with at least 384 samples/30minutes. This means 768 DNA samples per hour per single device. The analysis capacity can goes up to 3072 samples/hour/device just in one go. Sample loading is so fast due to the compatibility with standard SBS well format of 96, 384 and 1536 wells. This makes our platform the quickest and cheapest compared to existing techniques.

    • Direct peptide nucleic acid (PNA-oligomers) pre-gel hybridization to RNA followed directly by electrophoresis: Since Coronavirus genetic material is composed of only RNA, this method is direct analysis of the virus RNA, and it can visualize the concrete virus RNA with its real nucleotide size (29.891 nucleotides). Analysis capacity is the same as mentioned above. Labeled peptide nucleic acid (PNA)-oligomers as probes are hybridized quickly with the virus RNA prior to electrophoresis. The hybridized PNA-RNA is loaded directly to a gel. While electrophoresis is running (for 30 minutes), Detection of the bound PNA to RNA is done by direct real-time fluorescence detection.

    • Direct electrophoresis of RNA from patients samples followed by Northern Blot (RNA blot): Since Coronavirus genetic material is composed of only RNA, this method is direct analysis of the virus RNA, and it can visualize the concrete virus RNA with its real nucleotide size (29.891 nucleotides). Analysis capacity is the same as mentioned above. The method of Northern blot is more direct and depends neither on the conventional PCR run nor on the real-time PCR. PCR methods have disadvantages that they require expensive machines, and costly kits including the special expensive reverse transcriptase polymerase. Northern blot is well-known method for analyzing RNA, but the low throughput is major limitation for this application. With our high-throughput electrophoresis of RNA, we solve this limitation. Our cassettes are designed for high-throughput RNA transfer to the blot membrane. The design is also compatible with western blot (for proteins)
    • Sustainable Affordable High-throughput Purification of RNA: in the light of the worldwide shortage of RNA extraction kits that hampers efforts to ramp-up COVID-19 coronavirus testing, Accelerbiotics provides affordable rapid solutions for that. The platform is based on smart arrangement of electrodes in such way to match 96 SBS well format for rapid performance. The electrodes are always re-usable after an absolute electrophoretic decontamination step, and therefore are sustainable. The electrodes reverse or swap their charge during the extraction process to match the negative charge of the RNA. Minimal amounts of consumables such as tips are required in the process.     
    • Other Fields for our Technology and IP Protection: In addition, Accelerbiotics solutions are also targeting the huge bottlenecks associated with the fundamental applications of electrophoresis, purification and electroporation in forensic laboratories, biotech in academic research and industry, and life science field in general. Therefore, Accelerbiotics developed the below inventions, and patented them via DTU (currently in the PCT-phase):
    • ELECTROPHORESIS ASSEMBLY: High-throughput electrophoresis in 96-, 192- 384-, 768- and 1536- SBS well format for DNA/RNA/proteins/sugars with simultaneous online real-time analysis.
    • METHODS FOR EXTRACTION OF MOLECULES: Sustainable rapid high-throughput reversed electrophoretic purification of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA, Proteins, Amino acids and Sugars. The electrodes are re-usable, and that is why sustainable. This invention includes also sustainable rapid high-throughput electroporation/electro-transfection and electro-extraction/intracellular release by pulsed electrical field.
    • Technology Illustration: for further details, please, have a look at the above video.
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